Shaky thoughts of the artist quarantined during the pandemic of Corona. Commissioned by artist Lena Naidko for the documentary "Anticipation 2020".

What positive changes does the pandemic bring to humanity? How does art change after a pandemic? The role of art in overcoming post-pandemic syndrome? 

I don't like disasters; it makes me uncomfortable, of course … while disasters are part of our lives … it's hell! … on the other hand, we may have to accept that it is some kind of natural selection … let's be rational, I love Darwin, although ... as an artist, we try to map and scan reality. Are there emotions involved? Or are we trying to capture serendipity to translate it into an artistic residue? As an artist I feel isolated anyway when I am working in my studio ... pandemic does not change that habit into an irregular situation. The problem is, however; that the humus is gone … the daily world activity has fallen away into just one highlight: the global evolution of the pandemic. As an artist, I might need an extra focus on the integrity of art itself instead. Erase its economic value … is art still possible then? Can art exist without an economy? Maybe art fluctuates back to its unknown roots in the post pandemic era?

As a destroyed virus. A resilient rhizome, healing and unctuous? Are artists becoming profound?

Video / Apple voice-over / 1:21 / 2020.