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By his own admission the art collector has very few bottles he would consider simply a monetary investment. These days he feels more inclined to open bottles than hang onto them. For him the monetary value of a bottle isn’t what makes it special to him. It is if he has a special memory of tasting that whisky or a story on how he got the bottle... he has only a very few bottles that he has bought more as an investment than with the intent to drink them. He may not consider himself a true art collector any more, but the sentiment and social benefits of the collector’s mentality are still very much alive with him. He has met so many whisky friends from all over the world through his collecting – people who have helped him find those special bottles released for a single market. He has always been collecting art in his life so he has it in his blood. It's airborne. (partially based on an article of ©, The Collectors, 19 November 2018 by Angus MacRaild). Glass carafe / engraved generic logo + title / 75cl / H = 19.6 cm / 3 cl from each bottle of the artist's whisky collection / March 2019 - ongoing. © Peter Cox Photography

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