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An approach to the art collection of Kris Van Dessel. An approach to all the works in the living space of the artist. 
Every artwork was transformed into a print. The dimensions of the original artworks were printed as monochrome fields on standard paper formats that correspond to the dimensions of the original works. Each print represents a work of art from the collection of the artist. The actual size of the artwork, including its frame, if any, is displayed as a colour field that refers to the most prevalent colour in the original artwork. Three-dimensional works are represented in two dimensions as a print. The gallery space of the Annie Gentils Gallery was originally designed as a living space. On the ground floor of the gallery are displayed all the approaches to the works from the collection of the artist that are displayed on the ground floor of his house. Each print has been hang at the same height as the height at which the original is currently displayed or hung in the living space of the artist. The ground floor living space of the artist is nearly equal to that of the gallery space, given a residual space of roughly one meter around its perimeter. The prints are hung in the same order as the order of the original works of art in the living room and kitchen of the artist. The sizes of the prints range from minimally A4 up to A0. All prints larger in size than A4 are folded to A4. The prints corresponding to the works of art that are not displayed in the ground floor living room of the artist remain folded. The prints present on the ground floor are folded open. The total weight of all the hanging prints has been translated into an aluminium cube entitled The Exhibition. The collection of Kris Van Dessel consists of 115 works of art.  A total of 115 prints were produced. All prints are available in digital format on a USB disk. 30 USB disks were produced as multiples. The USB disks are available on the top floor of the gallery. The USB disks are provided with a white cardboard box. Each of the white boxes can contain a complete (partly folded) set of 115 prints. On November 22, 2015, a conversation took place between art historian Johan Pas and the artist, on the artworks in the living space of the artist. The conversation between Johan Pas and Kris Van Dessel was recorded with a Dictaphone. The audio transcript of this conversation was not proofread. The transcription was directly translated into English through Google Translate and not corrected. The English translation of the transcription was made into the book X toY (and back again). A temporary stock room was made in the second room on the first floor of the gallery. During Living Approaches, art works by artists of the gallery that are also represented in the collection of the artist are displayed in the stock room. The image of the invitation consists of a compilation of the outlines of all 115 ‘approached’ artworks. The colours of these outlines on the invitation card refer to the most dominant colour in the respective original artworks from the collection. The invitation card Boundaries is a free edition of 500 copies / 2016. © Peter Cox Photography

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Kris-Van-Dessel_APPROACHES USB_01.jpg
Kris-Van-Dessel_APPROACHES USB_03.jpg
Kris-Van-Dessel_APPROACHES USB_06.jpg
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