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Modern slavery: victims of human trafficking on an Antwerp construction site. Antwerp's labor bureau has launched an investigation into 55 possible victims of human trafficking on the construction site of chemical company Borealis. Borealis is building a plant in Kallo, near the port of Antwerp to expand its operations. Victims of human trafficking were working at the construction site. An initial investigation revealed that many of the workers on the construction site were of Filipino or Bengali origin and received a monthly salary of only 650 euros for working six days a week. Borealis claimed that the workers involved were not employees of the company itself, but were employed by a subcontractor. Source: The Brussels Times - Tuesday, July 26, 2022. 


My new studio is on the nineteenth floor of a newly built residential tower. On one of the walls, at the bottom in a corner of the studio, a worker drew a self-portrait.

Acrylic photo block / acryl glass / 10 x 10 x 2.5 cm / edition of 19 copies + 1 AP / numbered and signed on the back / 2022.

related artwork: BEACON

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