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Since his youth, the artist has been collecting vinyl records. To this day, he keeps adding new acquisitions to the now very eclectic collection of musical genres, ranging from punk, hip hop and New Wave over Jazz and Classical, to Avant Garde and experimental noise. From the start, he experiences this as an addiction from which he does not want to kick the habit. Music is not separate from wading through his practice as a visual artist. Looking back at the origins of his record collection, it becomes clear that there were some gaps through the time of his youth. On a card, he noted the missing highlights. From this he had a stamp made to fix this lack and mark it in various places as footnotes lying around in his studio. Through specific channels, he gradually finds the vinyl records sought so that they can be crossed out on the list. Occasionally a new stamp is made of the most recent state, as an intermediate stage. Until further notice, this is a work in progress. It is an absurd attempt to fill an incomplete horizon. Stamp pendant / a set of wooden stamps / 2024 (in progress)

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INCOMPLETE HORIZON_kris van dessel_01.jpeg
INCOMPLETE HORIZON_kris van dessel_02.jpeg
INCOMPLETE HORIZON_kris van dessel_03.jpeg
INCOMPLETE HORIZON_kris van dessel_04.jpeg
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