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UM! cash AMY WILD CITY -> FB! BOXES TRAM NICO VU* DSR HVDP SITE -> Goodcond. FOTO ghost p. GLOW PLT mail LR SOUND! PHANTOM LP FLYER VIS URBAN M. Tank 25/11 C150 13:30 11:15 M! H215! FOT.TS LV35GIFTS CODE N° Tel DMW G F147 Cert. 2x METER 27,5 13669 BOEKJE RICHTL. EL comp. / cond. Sleutel Sticker COMPR. > BILF. / M > R 400 FACT! 9 L.LAMP LP 50 M AMY _ X ARTORAMA BOEKJE E57 INFO DEC VISTA BA5 afmelden Br / Bl VISTA EG! SPACERS pincet GArbo IJZERDRAAD PLT FLES G-V GRS -> K 30 -> G MAIL Radio S - P 455 AN 064 4411 Tel. Sampled History -> Sturen! SH! BRV BOEK BATT.! BILLBOARDS JCDECAUX X * K gsm 60 x 90 STOF DENT WC x glazen! N VZ FOTO A NEON auto ! RECORD 11/6 X BRF 5/6 > Poelie STICKER 49 pcs LV! ETH > peilstok PARK 8 E612 AFT. ensl. holes wijnrek 4000? TH METAL ETHERNET KABEL LIST meterstand Brief PLAN fase 4 STEKKER R. cars 20€ FOTO LAMP INFO KB F16 > WS ZWALUW STIFT planten 15/6 STEKKER enveloppe BK BR stekker & tape -0,6KV / -0,6 -0,9 +0,01 -0,02 _ -0,6 -0,9 G461 -> verl. verg. ZU CASH 7 jul. SCAN 3,5 O 4,5 W LIJST DV AFM. DISPL. H44 x 50 x 50 HQC843 -1365 mV Het Uitleggen


A growing series of digital photos on a shared Google Drive directory / 2019 - 2020.

As you get older and start to forget a lot in the hectic life, reminder notes become indispensable. The artist's favorite method of not trying to forget things is to write short triggering notes or signs on his left hand. The collecting of these notes stopped when the artist had a real 'No Choise' tattoo done by artist Dennis Tyfus in July 2020.

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