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A research into the best conditions and opportunities for an art space.

"The ideal physical format for the art space is the white cube. The white cube is itself a quasi-neutralized identification of art, a sort of label and the space of choice for nearly a century. The white exhibition space authorizes the object as art, is aseptic and low on human presence. The white cube environment instils an atmosphere where nothing is to be touched, where it is eerily still and nobody laughs. The total white abolishes any perceptive connection with reality and emphasizes a quasi-religious atmosphere in which time and social space are excluded. The white neutrality keeps the viewer concentrated on the selected artworks, with nothing interrupting the experience."

Four sample-wall paintings / the alleged white of four different wall paint brands / 4 x 100 x 100 cm / 2017. In collaboration with Tom Van Malderen.


related work: COMPONENT 6673 - Zero Oxygen

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