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IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO kris van dessel 01.jpeg


In Good Conditions, Kris Van Dessel and Tom Van Malderen build upon their previous collaboration 'Conditions and Opportunities' at DMW Art Space in 2017. Together with curator Tram Scawped, the artists continue their quest into the protocols of exhibiting and the mechanism of the contemporary art economy in general. Their previous collaboration at DMW investigated the conditions and opportunities of the ‘art space’ by means of a series of interventions, ranging from subtle modifications of lighting and heating elements to enquiries into the appropriate shade of white for the walls of a white cube. Following up on this expo, 'Good Conditions' explores the application and potential of autonomous artworks as components of a dense art-fair-look-alike constellation. As part of this enquiry, all prices of the works on display are fixed in accordance with the inscrutable laws of the art economy and arranged in an easy-reference component list with accompanying article numbers. In 2023, component were reactivated as autonomous artworks as part of the 'Best Conditions' project in Valletta, Malta.

On the occasion of 'Best Conditions', which takes place in Tom Van Malderen's flat, Van Dessel made a new work as well. As a gift for Van Malderen, Van Dessel had a set of two mugs made: IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO. The sunrise and sunset from the island of Malta have been photographed by many tourists. From his home studio on the nineteenth floor in Antwerp (Belgium), Van Dessel repeatedly photographed the rising and setting sun. He had these photos printed on the mugs souvenir shop fähig. Paint samples were then poured into these two mugs. Samples of the most suitable white wall paint, with which the ideal white cube could be painted; a regeneration of the works 'Oxygen', realized for 'Conditions and Opportunities' (DMW Art Space, Antwerp, 2017) and 'COMPONENT 6673 - Zero Oxygen' for 'Good Conditions' (DMW Gallery, Antwerp, 2019).

Two printed mugs / white wall paint / unique / 2023.

related works: COMPONENT 6673 - Zero Oxygen  /  OXYGEN   /  GRAVITY IS A SIGNIFICANT CONDUCTOR


IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO kris van dessel 02.jpeg
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