SONICA / Antwerp Biennale for Contemporary Art


In 2001, ‘Casino’ was announced as the first quadriennale of Ghent. The exhibition came and went, a catalogue was made. There was, however, never a second edition. Following a discussion if such a curtailed event can be called a quadriennale, the thinking exercise rose on requirements and consequences. 

Without trying to seek out a rigorous definition or a cynical position, a new biennale is scheduled with a minimalistic approach. A limited set of artists, non-intrusive artworks distributed over the city's districts, an existing shuttle service for mobility, a basic catalogue. Sonica is articulated as a one-time event thinking about a deliberate downgrade. The event not as an assimilating structure, but as an en route playlist while traversing the city.

Antwerp, BE - Valletta, MT / October 28, 2018 - January 13, 2019.

Sonica catalogue