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Video / 2 minutes and 16 seconds / filmed in Manhattan, NYC, US, 2014 / sound of a singing Red Winged Blackbird recorded in Botanical Garden, Bronx, US, 2014 / film and sound edited in Antwerp / 2019.

A film intended for a beamer in the meeting room of Rooilijn architects. This film has been edited for the the ROOIPLEIN [1] project, in and around the office building of Rooilijn Architectuur (22 September - 27 November / 2019). Two minutes and sixteen seconds was the time needed to send a message to the curator of the Drawing Center in in New York City, concerning the exhibition The Intuitionists (2014). A random snapchat film made by the artist while seated in a stationing taxi in Manhattan, has been stretched to the period this specific message. This film, with its particular architectural scenery, including a telephoning man who holds his head on his shoulder in a special way, is intended to interfere meetings concerning architecture, as the film would be projected in the architecture office at irregular times.

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